sectors where blockchain can be applied

Competitive advantages to different market sectors


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Improvement of traceability and security protocols, development of autonomous driving, vehicle rental, and temporary access authorizations.

Food and beverage

Improvement of traceability and temperature monitoring in combination with sensors.


Smart factories: traceability, version control, industrial property, and self-managed factories.


Certification of data stored by sensors and traceability of actuator processes.


Allows you to certify academic titles. Allows the ability to reliably know those students who have studied at our university, without the possibility of impersonation.

Real Estate

To expedite transactions with full transparency, agility, and efficiency in the process involved in the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate.


Efficiency improvement of process, international trade, transportation, product traceability, and distribution.


Improved global traceability of food, location, and removal of products in poor condition.

Banking and finance

Creation of a global payment network, with more secure, convenient, and fraud-proof transactions.


A ticketing platform allows sales of products associated with the event. This guarantees the impossibility of counterfeiting, and capacity control and prevents the resale of tickets.


With the blockchain network, clinical data of patients and their history can be shared safely. The data also allows the traceability of medicines and ensures the cold chain.


Greater ease of management in different areas: from communication, internal hotel management, and customer satisfaction.

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