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Blockchain certification solutions adapted to your business

Decentralized certification solutions ensuring the highest privacy, transparency and security

Our Blockchain certification solutions have been created to match your business needs. It’s easy, quick and cheap to integrate into your software.

We offer you the highest certification speed at an affordable price.


API certification

Certify, in seconds, the existence of any digital file, ensuring that no one has access to the content.

You can check the integrity and timestamp of your original file. This gives you proof that the file has not been modified.


Allows you to certify any digital file in an easy and simple way

Legal value

This electronic notice may be used (and the courts have accepted it) as irrefutable evidence.


In a few seconds, your files are certified in real time.

Any type of file

You can certify from any electronic device: mobile, tablet or platform servers.


Calls from your software allow you to automate all this whole process.


The cost is much lower than any traditional system.

Protect the environment

Avoid management, expenses, and impact on the environment that involves the abuse of printing paper.

How it works - API Certification

Easy and simple

Our API Certification is easily integrated into any software. It allows you to certify any digital data that is critical for the company (customers, invoices, access control, etc.) giving legal validity to any file or email generated by your processes.

Because our API does not interfere with any of your software systems or databases, we don’t
generate any security breaches.

API Certification Uses



Access control


Email certification

Certifying an email means that you may prove, with legal validity, when the certification’s
content (metadata, attached files, header and text) has been sent and received.

Legal value

This electronic notice may be used (and the courts have accepted it) as irrefutable evidence.


In a few seconds, your communication will be delivered to the recipient.

Any type of file

Send it at any time from your mobile device, your tablet or your computer (wherever you are).


You don't need to install any app or special software to send a certified email.


The cost is much lower than any traditional system.

Protect the environment

Avoid management, expenses, and impacts on the environment that involve the use of burofax.


Allows you to certify any email from any electronic device

How it works - Email Certification

Just three steps

01 Registration

To cerify your emails, you should be registred in the Hashing DNA platform. Then, we create your certification address to buy your first credits.

02 Add the certification address in the CC Copy field

Certifying the email is very easy. The message should be written as usual, adding your certifying address in the Copy (CC) field. Once the email has been sent, the sender and receiver will receive the blockchain certification.

03 The certificate

The evidence document we generate (.pdf file) includes the following: time stamp, related electronic addresses, IP address of sender and recipient and, finally, the content of the email along with its attachments (up to 5 MB).

Email Certification Uses

Debt claim

Extension of conditions

Direct debit acceptance (SEPA)

Protection of intellectual property rights

Notification of registration in default files

Delivery and collection notices

Test result submissions

Notification of schedules to labor personnel

API & Email Certification

From €0.26

It’s pay per use. Your credits don’t have any expiration date.

Cryptographic Data

The certificate

The header contains the ID of the certificate and the link for verification, as well as the UTC date and time the file was uploaded (Coordinated Universal Time – which is the main time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time).

The cryptographic data used to create the document identifier and the time stamp are shown below.

The file Hash is an identifier that is uniquely related to the digital file. If you make any change in the file, the least, even a single pixel, letter or bit, the Hash will be totally different, so this identifier ensures the file integrity. The only thing you can change is the file name.

The identifier or Hash is included in the Bitcoin blockchain for greater security.

Bitcoin or Stellar transaction is the identifier of the transaction where the identifier or Hash has been included.

The creation of the block indicates the date and time in which your Hash was included in the transaction in the Bitcoin or Stellar Blockchain, creating the time stamps.

Cryptographic algorithm

Our application extracts a hash through the standardized algorithm SHA-512, which is the strongest of that algorithm type, and is supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

For protecting your privacy, the application does not access the file content, so you can be confident that your file and the content remains private.

In order to verify our certificates, every certificate has a unique ID, so you can access our website and check the ID and the file in order to ensure that nothing has been altered.

Using the Bitcoin or Stellar blockchain, which is immutable and public, users can prove the file’s existence and content integrity even though Hashing DNA ceases operations.


Blockchain creates a universal time stamp in the safest decentralized database known.

In addition, the records are irremovable, so that the Hash included in the transaction will remain forever registered, and always being publicly accessible.

Currently the Bitcoin or Stellar blockchain register uses such amount of resources (energy) for its securitization,
so that attacking it would not be viable nor for a state for the amount of money necessary to do so.