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Blockchain certification solutions adapted to your business

Certify in Blockchain your digital content wherever and whenever you need.

Blockchain & cryptography solutions

Thanks to Blockchain and cryptography, it’s now possible to certify any digital file, email or web content with the highest levels of security at the lowest available cost.


API certification

Certify, in seconds, the existence of any digital file, ensuring that no one has access to the content.


Email certification

The certified email allows you to proof, with legal validity, its content and timestamp.


The certification blockchain system is safer, affordable, and in perpetuity


The main feature of Blockchain is its decentralized architecture through nodes. Nodes review each block of transactions and approve them by consensus. Each transaction is recorded in a public registry.

Information is never lost

Millions of Blockchain nodes are protecting your certifications. Each block of information is recorded in perpetuity. All information is always available to all users.

Security & Privacy

The content and the person transacting on Blockchain remain anonymous. All information is simplified into a hash (a unique identifier of your digital file). Any small content change of the digital file will completely change its hash.

Lower costs and high speed

In Blockchain technology there is an absence of a central authority or intermediaries. This reduces process overload and streamlines communications. As a result, you reduce operating costs.

Your blockchain techology partner

HashingDNA offers advanced certification solutions based on blockchain technology. This technology guarantees the highest security tools, transparency and data perpetuity.


About us

HashingDNA offers advanced certification solutions with blockchain technology providing security, transparency and perpetuity of data to companies.

Adaptable solutions

Our solutions are plug and play to any type of software. Just tell us your specific needs and we will develop a customized solution for you.

Our mission is to make Blockchain technology and services affordable and easy to implement for everyone. Hashing DNA has been working on Blockchain technology since 2018 but our technical team has gathered knowledge and experience since 2013.

We are located in the Infinitum Projects Tech Hub. HashingDNA has grown with legal-tech companies and high-level professionals.

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Josep Maria García


Jana Cayón


Join for change

CEO of MyChefTool

Adrià Bosch

We utilize Blockchain technology to digitalize the food service industry through a SaaS software for the food service business based on Big Data, digital intelligence, and analytics.

MyChefTool also integrates financial solutions based on offline and online payments, using Blockchain to ensure secure, transparent, and efficient transactions without depending on banks, in order to streamline payments between Customer, Restaurant and Restaurant Supplier through our own marketplace.

By leveraging the power of Blockchain, we can provide a trusted and decentralized platform for all parties involved in the food service industry, improving overall transparency, efficiency, and security.