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Hashing DNA

Thanks to Blockchain and cryptographic processes, it is now possible to certify with Hashing DNA, any digital file or web content in two clicks, guaranteeing privacy, immediacy, the highest security and the reduction of costs.

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A Hash is the equivalent of the DNA of a unique digital file



From a digital file you can get a UNIQUE identifier that is like the DNA of people.

This DNA is technically called HASH, and just like DNA can be extracted in laboratories, HASH can be obtained with a standardised cryptographic process named SHA512.

BLOCKCHAIN is a new public registry system where, for the first time, information is stored immutably and perpetually, including the date and time of registration.

Hashing DNA obtains the HASH from a digital file and introduces it in the BLOCKCHAIN of Bitcoin.

Thereby remains CERTIFIED that the file or web content existed on a certain date, and it can be proven that it has not been modified.


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