«The emergence of Blockchain technology allows us to have new functionalities that may come to supplant the services of notaries. This technology works as an immutable and perpetual record of transactions. Thanks to being a decentralized system, there can be no manipulation in it. 

Therefore, a Blockchain certification of a digital file allows you to know the authenticity of the file, its date and it’s authorship or possession. Compared to notarial services, this technology offers you greater transparency and security, and advantages in terms of saving time and money.

At Hashing DNA we have certification products through Blockchain that will allow you to comply with regulations and carry out bureaucracy in a fast and economical way.»


Constraints to growing as a company

Lack of confidence leads us to limit or delay decision making. A clear example is the behavior in the different international markets. As we know, the time period to start projects here in Europe is much longer than that required in the U.S. market.

This is due to the increased economic and social costs associated with a society with low levels of trust. There is more regulation and bureaucracy, which slows down the process of starting projects and increases the associated costs; and there is less access to financing, as we tend to require more time to find investors.

For this reason, notaries, guarantors and insurers become essential to avoid the risk that looms with every transaction. However, using their services is also costly and time-consuming.


Paradigm shift thanks to Blockchain technology

The emergence of Blockchain technology has questioned the need for these figures. Blockchain makes it possible to create immutable documentary records in perpetuity. This record, being public and decentralized, offers exhaustive traceability of the entire documentary process, and of the individuals or legal entities involved. All transactions are replicated in different nodes, allowing any attempt at manipulation to be detected and corrected. 

If we add the use of digital signature to Blockchain, we obtain a digital evidence custody solution. The digital signature allows us to have absolute certainty as to the concurrence of the parties, and the Blockchain, the immutability of the terms of their agreement and the exact dating in which it occurred.

With the exception of the legal advice provided by notaries, these can be replaced by Blockchain technology with more guarantees in terms of transparency and security, and obvious advantages in terms of saving money and time.


Integrate these functionalities into your company’s systems

At Hashing DNA we have Blockchain certification products that can be easily integrated into any system. These, can be implemented in your systems to eliminate intermediaries, maintain their integrity and ensure legislative compliance, saving time and money.

We also develop solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. We accompany you in the development projects of Smart Contracts, Tokens, NFTs, and more, through a basic consulting service included. Depending on the project, we recommend the Blockchain that best suits your needs and we assign you our technical expert in it.

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