Certify web content from any web address or URL

Certify the existence of any web content in a particular moment, or monitor web content along time.


I have found one digital media using a picture with my copyright.

I certify the screenshot from their website, including the exact date and time.

I claim to the online media for using the picture since the certification date.

One provider has denied a claim for non-consumed services. Under the Term of Use I can see that I have right to claim.

I certify the content of their Terms of Use, and I have legal support to claim. I send them an email with the certificate to be compensated.

They admit the claim and they deposit the money in my account.

One website is publishing defamatory content against my person.

I certify the content and request the content withdraw with legal support.

They withdraw the content and I can relax, because they are going to pay for damages.

How it works

Certify with ease

Sign up in the website in order to send you the certificates and the screenshot. Buy one or more certificates.

Once signed up, go to certify web, copy and paste the address or URL. Check the preview, and if you agree, certify it.

You will receive the certificate and the screenshot in a few minutes, when the time stamp is created.

The certificate

The header contains the ID of the certificate and the link for verification, as well as the UTC date and time the file was uploaded (Coordinated Universal Time - which is the main time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time).

The cryptographic data used to create the document identifier and the time stamp are shown below.

The capture hash is an identifier that is uniquely related to the screenshot. If you make any change in the capture, the least, even a single pixel, the Hash will be totally different, so this identifier ensures the accuracy of the capture that was made at that time. The only thing you can change is the name of the file.

The identifier or Hash is included in the Bitcoin or Stellar blockchain for greater security.

The Bitcoin or Stellar transaction is the identifier of the transaction where the identifier or Hash has been included.

The creation of the block indicates the date and time in which your Hash was included in the transaction in the Bitcoin or Stellar Blockchain, creating the time stamps.

The technology

Screenshot engine

We use state-of-the-art technology that is compatible with new features such as html5, Flexbox, Lazy loading, WebGL, among others.

We remove the blocking screens of cookies, ads and pop up to access the content directly.

In seconds you can access the preview of the screen, to be sure that is what you want to certify.

For professionals and experts there is the option to modify variables and even include cookies for websites or social networks and thus access access content with username and password.


Blockchain creates a universal time stamp in the safest decentralized database known.

In addition, the records are irremovable, so that the Hash included in the transaction will remain forever registered, and always being publicly accessible.

Currently the Bitcoin or Stellar blockchain register uses such amount of resources (energy) for its securization, that attacking it would not be viable nor for a state for the amount of money necessary to do so.

Pricing Bitcoin

1 Certificate



(4.13€ + 0.87€ IVA)

5 Certificates



(18.59€ + 3.90€ IVA)

20 Certificates



(66.11€ + 13.88€ IVA)

For big volumes or bulk certificates, contact us

Pricing Stellar

1 Certificate



(0.263€ + 0.06€ IVA)

5 Certificates



(0.17€ + 0.04€ IVA)

20 Certificates



(0.07€ + 0.01€ IVA)

For big volumes or bulk certificates, contact us